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you've gotta be kidding me!

Pop Bottles Mash Up Baby Bottles, Booze: Shocking or Hilarious? (Photos) Hello Kitty Grey Goose, if only!

4 mug’s worth of apple cider 1 mug’s worth of caramel vodka 1 tablespoon cinnamon 1/4 cup brown sugar 2. Heat over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until liquid just begins to steam (don’t over heat or else the alcohol will burn off). #food #recipes

Caramel vodka and Apple Cider are already a favorite of mine, definitely have to try it like this! For the fall: Hot Caramel Apple Cider {for grown ups} 4 mug’s worth of Apple Cider, 1 mug’s worth of Caramel Vodka, 1 tablespoon Cinnamon, cup Brown Sugar

"fishbowl" drink...  turn it into "blue fish" drink for a grown up dr. #seuss party.  (would totally go with swedish fish shots for the "red fish")...  just need one fish and two fish drinks. - Click image to find more Food & Drink Pinterest pins

Nerd Candy and Alcohol whatttt? * Fish Bowl (or improvise) * cup Nerds Candy * 5 oz Vodka * 5 oz Malibu Rum * 3 oz Blue Curacao * 6 oz Sweet & Sour Mix * 16 oz Pineapple juice * 16 oz Sprite * 3 slices each Lime, Lemon, Orange * 4 Swedish fish

35 Budget DIY Party Decorations You'll Love This Summer

35 Budget DIY Party Decorations You'll Love This Summer

Have you ever added vodka to a watermelon? This recipe takes it one step further. Hollow out a watermelon, then add a spigot. Fill the melon husk with punch and serve. I love this idea for a of July party. Minus the vodka so the kids can enjoy.

Oh no you didn't?! American twist on an English Shandy? Can't wait to try this!Cherry Beer Margarita! These are the best for summer parties

It's like a Sonic cherry limeade, with alcohol.might just have to make for that special person who is addicted to sonic cherry limeade!

Ready-made ball jar drinks. Perfect for cook outs and summer parties!

pre-mixed cocktails in individual mason jars, on ice. must do for a party! mollywatson pre-mixed cocktails in individual mason jars, on ice. must do for a party! pre-mixed cocktails in individual mason jars, on ice. must do for a party!

Irish Trash Can: .5 oz. Light Rum .5 oz. Gin, .5 oz. Vodka, .5 oz Triple Sec, .5 oz. Peach Schnapps, .5 oz. Blue Curacao, (1) 8 oz. can of Red Bull - OMG I FOUND IT!!! Let me tell you these things are wonderful but will kick your ass

Irish Trash Can. oz gin oz light rum oz vodka oz peach schnapps oz Blue Curacao liqueur oz triple sec 1 can Red Bull® energy drink

Peach + Strawberry Daiquiris from JessicaNWood.com

Peach + Strawberry Daiquiris

Homemade Peach + Strawberry Daiquiris love them in mason jars so they can go in bucket

For cocktails you and your girlfriends will want to sip on all summer long, stock your bar with the essentials you need for raspberry cocktails. With help from Reserve Bar, whipping up recipes like Black Raspberry Margaritas, Chambord Raspberry Lemonade, and more has never been easier! Make sure to grab everything you need before the girl’s night, outdoor party, or bachelorette party you’re planning.

Send Chambord super premium black raspberry liqueur for the perfect way to celebrate any holiday or occasion.

Ingredients 56 ounces canned pineapple juice 2 cups granulated sugar 3/4 liter everclear grain alcohol or vodka Instructions Add pineapple juice and sugar to crock-pot. Cook on LOW for 2 hours with lid slightly ajar. Allow mixture to cool completely before adding in Alcohol. Add in alcohol and mix well. Pour mixture into 4 Quart Canning Jars. Add lids and rings to jars. Store in a cool dry place.

Crock-Pot Pineapple Moonshine - Crock-Pot Ladies-other crock pot moonshine recipe links also:) . I love pineapple, I bet this is bomb.

recipe for Harry Potter butterbeer .... Didn't know there was a recipe!!! Trying this for sure

Harry Potter anyone? Magically Easy Butterbeer Recipe gotta try. Halloween or a Harry Potter movie marithon!

.  ~ Liquid Skittle~ 6 oz. Malibu Mango Rum, 12 oz. Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Mix, and 6 oz. Gatorade Lemon-Lime. Perfect for a summer concert or music festival!! -    Permanent link to this post (2 words, 1 image, estimated 0  secs reading time) #Recipes

saving this for when i can drink: Liquid Skittle ~ 6 oz Malibu Mango Rum, 12 oz strawberry daiquiri frozen mix & 6 oz Gatorade lemon-lime