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You’d probably be super hot to a medieval person.------> STORY PROMPT: All mythological figures are time travelers

I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

holy crap i've never seen this textpost before but i use this malaphor ALL THE TIME

She should’ve done a bit more research

A girl at church came up to me while I was talking to my boyfriend once and says "ooh you like him don't you" and he responded with "gosh I hope so or else this is totally one-sided" <<< these are so funny


LOL. Look at this

IN CASE OF A CROATOAN DO WHAT DEAN WOULD DO ( also please dont do what a person in a generic horror movie would do just dont ) <<< The person who posted this really know their stuff, so thanks for passing on your knowledge !

OP: I'll find you again and next time I'll get it right. Me: I'll find you again and next time I'll run like all the demons in hell are after me before you have another chance to eviscerate me.

Funny pictures about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Oh, and cool pics about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Also, Soulmates Explained Scientifically photos.

" If he had ANOTHER kid without realizing it"...since he's got 4 now.

A 9 years old girl on Master Chef. The last picture is a face of fear<<<no the last picture is him wondering if he had a child without knowing