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Beneatha's lack of faith in God. She lacks faith because she feels like he has not helped her and her family.

People often say, “I believe in Jesus and God and I have asked for forgiveness. I know I am saved, but I just can’t feel God- I see others can feel him- but I can’t! What is wro…

Pray Something Big Before You Eat | Desiring God

Pray Something Big Before You Eat

Beware the 'Hebrew Roots Movement' & the 'Sacred Name Movement' http://www.rebeccaatthewell.org/store/products/a-portrait-of-the-bridegroom-isaac-solomon/

Beware the ‘Hebrew Roots Movement’ & the ‘Sacred Name Movement’

The Hebrew Roots Movement is a contemporary global spiritual movement that advocates the return and adherence to the first century faith of Jesus Christ by seeking a better understanding of the.

Is There Really a ‘War on Christmas?’  "American Christianity has become more politicized and commercialized than Jesus would ever have desired....there isn’t really a "war on Christmas"...Instead, there is often a war on Christ by Christians...for any...Christian to defend [Christmas], as if it purely represents Jesus is a bit disingenuous......there is persecution of people of faith, but most Christians in America have never experienced it..."  #KeepChristInChristmas #WarOnChristmas

Finding the right battles to fight in American Christianity.

Do I Delight in God or in Others Being Impressed by My Discovery About God?

Pastor John offers practical advice on how to tell if your motives for sharing spiritual insights are pure.

our brains are not the highest life forms.

Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but it is ridiculous for us to think we have the right to limit God to something we are capable of understanding" - Crazy Love, Frances Chan