Leveransefoto av damplokomotiv type 14a

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Chicago's past. They don't make them like they used to. What happened to great transportation design in the US?

The Chicago and North Western Railway’s type streamliners, which headed the “Overland Limited” and “Challenger” trains between Chicago and the West Coast, stand in the Chicago Passenger.

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Love of Trains and Steam Locomotives

Chinese Railroad steam locomotive just like the one on the Boone and Scenic railroad in Iowa.

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it's Winter, snow every where and our train has just arrived to take us to see the ones we love for Christmas .

Crossing the bridge by *DarrenClarke on deviantART

November, 2012 Crossing the bridge by *DarrenClarke on deviantART. Tell me those people sitting on the ledge aren't a safety hazard.

Cab Interior Builders Photograph E.14920 dated 12-10-46 Built by Baldwin

Cab Interior Builders Photograph dated Built by Baldwin. Another nice "flight deck" image.

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Pennsy and Monon crossing at Limedale, Indiana. An interlocking tower and station are nestled between the tracks where the Monon crosses the two tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Guess what? It snowed last night. It is still snowing but by now it has slowly begun to turn to rain. Which means it is going to be messy out there. I've spent the last hour out there shoveling. I ...

Some Writing (and Business) Tips for 2015

This photo shows a snowbound locomotive, photographed on March in western Minnesota. - Perhaps this was the very train that Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family were waiting for as she wrote about in her book, The Long Winter

Lubricating wristpin. Bluefield, West Virginia, June 20, 1955 (O. Winston Link Museum)

A Gorgeous Photographic Elegy to the Last Great Steam Train

Bluefield, West Virginia, June 1955 Links to a beautiful collection of photos by O.

Strasburg, PA.

NW 475 Norfolk & Western Steam at Strasburg, Pennsylvania by Mitch Goldman Train in the sunset

A steam locomotive is a railway locomotive that produces its power through a steam engine. Steam locomotives were first developed in Great Britain during the early 19th century. it was invented by Richard Trevithick in1771.

Civil War Locomotive - photograph of Richmond, Virginia; It was created in The photograph illustrates main eastern theater of war, fallen Richmond, April-June

Here are six women railroad workers in the yards during the WWII years.

May Clinton, Iowa. “Women wipers of the Chicago & North Western Railroad going out to work on an engine at the roundhouse. (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Leveransefoto av damplokomotiv type 14a nr. 12 | Ukjent

Leveransefoto av damplokomotiv type 14a nr. 12 | Ukjent