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It's just the purest ignorance to try and say that markets and capitalism are the same thing: as ignorant as saying that under socialism there will be no food

This is the stupidest tea party I've been to in my life

Alice probably wants these Stupid, Hateful Ass people out of Wonderland just as bad as we want them Out The Country!

Poll! Do you Still Support The Bernie Sanders Revolution? - USA ...

The live-streamed address was a chance for Sanders to give his supporters an idea of what comes next, do you still support The Bernie Sanders Revolution?

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“Rand Paul is a mewling infant who does not understand basic political process.

"I was a Republican until I got to New York and had to live on $18 a week.  It was then that I became a Democrat."  ~ Julia Child

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Cereal and snack maker Kelloggs says it will halt using artificial colors and flavors by the end of 2018.

Kellogg to Eliminate Artificial Ingredients in Cereal, Snacks

I would like to remind Obozo ... even though he seems to be getting away with the crimes he is committing against America, the regime will change, and powers will shift, AND HE CAN'T HIDE!

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence understand this completely and will work hard for ALL Americans.

For my fellow pinner, Holly, you are the librarian yes??:)

"You Know Things are Messed Up When Librarians Start Marching" - sign at Occupy Wall Street for me and my BETTY

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Unwelcomed GOP: The party of hate:::: shamelessly shameful and harmful to our country :::: declaring war on the American of the 47 traitor republicans

AND a crappy way to govern.

reagan-was-a-horrible-president: “ It’s also a really crappy way to govern, but it’s what the Republican Party policy has been for 30 years.