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Flank steak benefits from quick cooking at high heat, and this recipe puts the cut to great use. First, you’ll sear the steak over the stovetop, and as it rests, you’ll prepare the side dish, a quick-cooking sauté that combines hunks of bread, halved artichoke hearts, and red cherry peppers (look for the latter at the supermarket in jars alongside roasted red peppers and olives). The combination might seem a bit random, but the sweet, crunchy dish proves the perfect accompaniment to long…

Artichoke - Generally artichokes are prepared by snipping off the thorns, and after cooking, the flesh from the scales can be pulled off with one's teeth, the internal 'choke' removed and discarded, and the stalk and internal heart can be readily eaten and are said to be the tastiest sections. The facts are pro-choke at http://tenrandomfacts.com/artichoke/. #trivia #random #facts #vegetable #food #culinary #artichoke

Yet again, random picture that doesn't fit, my apologies- but I will NOT apologize for finding this decadent recipe for Bananas Foster Milkshakes! Holy Yummyness! I don't know if I can wait to try this- off to the grocery I go :)

I made a random salad using what I had in the fridge. Mixed greens, tomatoes, smoked salmon, artichokes, spinach penne pasta and feta yogurt dressing.

A chicken and artichoke dish is enhanced with a little bit of Strega. Credit: “Shakespeare’s Kitchen” by Francine Segan (Random House)

most random lunch ever but so good-combining Egg Drop Soup, Spinach & Artichoke Quesadilla, and figs all on one plate.

If you all should know anything about me its that I absolutely love pesto and well anything with garlic and basil. Yes, I know I know it’s like taboo to eat garlic in front of people. Random fact time with Caroline (can that be a weekly thing I start?!), did you know that Princess Diana forbid her chefs to use garlic in their recipes?! I mean I totally understand why, but oh my that would be hard for me! You all have been asking for a nut free pesto recipe, and truth be told I…

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