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Nâng ngực nhiều lần có liên quan tới nhiều chứng bệnh tâm lý. Theo một nghiên cứu mới đây, những phụ nữ trải qua trên 3 lần nâng ngực có xu hướng dễ tìm tới tự tử. Nghiên cứu này cũng kết luận đối tượng nâng ngực trên 3

Charles R. Knight may be the most famous of all paleontological illustrators. This painting of the museum's Triceratops was commissioned by the Smithsonian and completed in 1901. In 1905, the Smithsonian Institution mounted the world's first skeletal reconstruction of Triceratops for exhibition. The mount was a composite of sixteen individual skeletons of Triceratops as no single skeleton was complete.

Vulcan XH558 @ The Shuttleworth Collection Old Warden 5th July 2015. Once, only once seen her in person, damnitt, and probably never will agin, but could have, if hadn't moved to France, and not stayed back on the "aul sod" Norn Irn! Never made it once to Northern Ireland air shows, until emigrated, and now? - 2/3 times a year grrrrr, sob!