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Title sequence. Pre-title credits for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello | Africa Screams (1949); directed by Charles Barton


DePatie-Freeleng ent. The Pink Panther. Blake Edwards, 1963

DePatie-Freeleng ent. The Pink Panther. Blake Edwards, 1963

“The dead are alive,” we’re told in writing at the start of Spectre. There’s a clue to take seriously, although at first it seems only to point to the amazing pre-credits opening sequence, filmed at Mexico’s Day of the Dead, when crowds parade in skeleton costumes and skull masks.

1970′s TV Detective Series Kojak’s Opening Title Credits via @The Wall Breakers

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010) || Wow! Ultra-violent and full of pathos, the story of Jason Todd's return to life includes so many shocking and memorable moments I can scarcely list them all. I never in my life thought I'd see an animated adaptation of The Joker "killing" Jason Todd but there it is in the pre-credit sequence. The emotional impact of the final scene left my jaw hanging open.

The Champions - another fab British show from my childhood. Seeing it again as an adult I find the acting is just dreadful! :) But I love it anyway for the clothes, the look and the feel. Another "moment in time".

Fincher's Demand For "Dragon Tattoo" Opener: Make It Better Than "Se7en"

Opening sequence for The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo

Pulp Fiction (1994) This non-formulaic, defining film of the 1990s was known for its violence, ensemble cast, and pop cultural references. Writer/director Tarantino had co-written the screenplay with Roger Avary, after his earlier first feature Reservoir Dogs (1992) - a preparatory film for this R-rated energetic work, with the same kind of rich and witty dialogue, blood-letting, vulgarities, 'sick' and dark humor, an AM radio pop music soundtrack, and startling action.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House