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Power packed banana peels

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16 Ingenious Ways to Re-Use Banana Peels - All Natural Home and Beauty

My little one loves bananas more than anything lately. Always looking for a way to reuse things and waste less I started to look at all .

Ways to put used peels to work, including removal of those inconvenient splinters. While watching NCIS, Abby told Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo to use a banana peel to remove his splinter.  I had to check it out! | Life Hacker

Remove Splinters Using a Banana Peel

According to the post, taping a piece of the peel over the splinter will help to remove it. Apparently "the enzymes will help dislodge the splinter and heal the wound.

eating green and yellow banana peels have many health benefits, including weight loss.

The One Crazy-Delicious, Weight-Loss Food We Know You're Not Eating

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Mallow benefits (Malva) My mom always used to call these wild holly hocks. when the blooms fall off, they leave seed pods like holly hocks. Blooms are about an inch around.

15 Amazing Uses For Citrus and Banana Peels

15 Amazing Uses For Citrus and Banana Peels

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Amazing Benefits of Banana Peels: Banana peel helps in removing warts and eliminates the occurrence of new ones.

10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana Peels

Benefits of banana peels! Before throwing off banana peels, here are benefits of banana peels you cant ignore.

We all know that bananas are extremely health and delicious. But did you know that you can also use banana peel in many ways. Banana peels are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, next time you eat a banana, don’t forget to try out some of these awesome uses of it.

When you read about banana peels benefits you will never throw them away!

Grandma recommended  to me it’s working ,give it a try girl but if you have sensitive skin use less lemon juice all you need is? Three banana peels Boiled potato with the skin Half a lemon  One Cup  of any fresh milk Preparation  Mix all ingredients in the blender  to get a smooth cream  .Spread …

Miracle mask for your skin

Peeling Pairs is a fun game that pairs individuals in a race to peel the most bananas in the shortest period of time. PREP TIME- None ITEMS NEEDED- 7 Banana

When You Find Out What Banana Peels Can Do To Your Waistline, You’ll Stop Throwing Them Away!

However, that is so not true. In fact, half of a banana’s nutrients are found its peel. So, we can conclude that you are throwing away at least half of what you have paid for.