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Castle on the Black Sea. Ukraine

Swallow's Nest - Neo-gothic castle on the Black Sea in Ukraine National Geographic

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands - Birthplace of my son 13 yrs ago. LOVE the country and the Dutch.some of the best people in the world! ===================== My grandson was born here in I don't visit often enough,,,)`~;

Middleham Castle, Richard III's favorite castle: he spent his childhood years here under the wardship of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick. Richard married Warwick's daughter Anne Neville.

Middleham Castle, Richard III's favourite castle: he spent his childhood years here under the wardship of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick (aka Warwick the Kingmaker). Richard was later to marry Warwick's daughter Anne Neville.

King John's Castle, Carlingford, Ireland

King John's Castle Carlingford ~ is a century castle located on the south shores of Carlingford Lough. Built by Hugh de Lacy, this dramatic fortress offers stunning views across the lough towards Mourne Mountains, Ireland

Qolsharif Mosque in Kazan, Russia.

Qolsharif Mosque, Kazan, Russia Bucket List Trips, Wanderlust, Travel Tips Tricks Hacks Advice

Vorselaar Castle, Belgium - The castle De Borrekens at Vorselaar (near Herenthals) is a a medieval castle from the thirteenth century which was rebuilt in a neo-Gothic style in the nineteenth century, between 1866-1884. In the thirteenth century, it belonged to the Van Rotselaar family, who were stewards of the Dukes of Brabant. Surrounded by a moat, and guarded by fortified towers at the entrance, it is powerfully evocative of the late middle ages. The castle is still privately owned.

Vorselaar Castle, Flanders BE also known as Borrekens Castle, was built around 1270 by a member of the Van Rotselaar family.

"Funaya" - houses built on the water's edge with a garage like space for boat mooring beneath, Ine-cho, Kyoto, Japan

Ine-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, photograph by Yusuke Yamamoto.