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here's to the kids who only see their imperfections, never their beauty, when they look in the mirror

Here's to the kids who only see their imperfections never their beauty when they look in the mirror.

I hate myself when I cry in front of people.

That is me! I hate people seeing me cry! I'll choke it back if I feel like I'm going to cry and I'm around people. Your pretty god dam close if you see me cry

Simply who I am: I'm always running what if scenarios in my head.

real friends | real friend is the one who walks in - when the rest of the world ...

It was the best thing in the whole world when I was reunited with my bestie after 2 years!

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Lil Wayne is a misogynist and wants to Eff every girl in the world. Besides does this mean ugly ppl deserve the worst?

This is totally me I worry so much!:(

This is totally me I worry so much!

Fo realz. Public toilets are nasty in general!! And according to Oprah's tips, pick the first stall closest to the entrance ladies!! It's statistically the least used stall so usually the cleanest.

All the time! This is so me! How I flush public toilets / Funny saying with pic


Simply who I am✨