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Our Favorite Maps of the Year Cover Everything From Bayous to Bullet Trains--I love cool maps. They represent some of the earliest forms of infographics, and they still convey enormous amounts of information very quickly.

Tenochtitlán before the Spaniards destroyed it and built Mexico City on top of it.

Map of Ancient Tenochtitlan, Mexico City was built atop this Aztec lake-town. "Nothing stays buried forever in Mexico." -- The Patron Saint of Plagues

Radar Plot

Radar Plot

Psychedelic Mapping. KooZA/rch. Web site url: https://koozarch.com/2015/06/07/psychedelic-mapping/. June 7, 2015.

Psychedelic Mapping Autone Autone is a young urban planner (faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Gdańsk University of Technology, graduated and street artist (graffiti…

heat map

heat map

Bill Rankin - Underdevelopment 2: relation to zoning

"Bill Rankin - Underdevelopment relation to zoning" I challenge anyone to visit Manhattan and identify a place that is underdeveloped.

Manhattan by Paula Scher: Paula, a self-taught designer renowned for her typography skills, began painting her colorful and stylized maps back in the early ’90s.  The maps depict regions, cities, and continents from all corners of the globe and feature a mighty use of typography. by Andrew Rosinski, dinca.org #Maps #Typography #Paula_Scher #Manhattan

Manhattan by Paula Scher: a self-taught designer renowned for her typography skills, began painting her colorful & stylized maps back in the early

Le château de Versailles et ses jardins.  Aka my favorite place in the whole world

Weekly Travel Guide: Versailles Palace and Gardens The gardens cover some 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style perfected here by Linnea Versailles is a city on western edge of the French capital city Paris

Toponymy - mapping place name patterns in Great Britain with QGIS