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Little house in the prairie

Find Out Why 'Little House on the Prairie' Star Melissa Gilbert Left Hollywood for a Small-Town Life

Eva Beadle-Simms (or Miss Beadle) was a school teacher at the Walnut Grove school, and the first teacher that Mary and Laura Ingalls had other than Caroline. Eva was the primary teacher at the school with a few exceptions, such as when she was injured while on her buckboard after her horse got spooked (Caroline who was a former teacher substituted for her during this time).  played by Charlotte Stewart  (born February 27, 1941 )

Eva Beadle-Simms

Eva Beadle-Simms, simply known as Miss Beadle, was a school teacher at the Walnut Grove school.

the Little House episode where Laura thinks Ernest Borgnine is God. She did such a great job and at such a young age!

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Cassandra Ingalls

Cassandra Cooper Ingalls was the adopted daughter of Caroline and Charles Ingalls. Played by Missy Francis (born Vini Melissa Ann Francis on December

Pa Ingalls and his girls.

Charles with his three daughter Mary Ingalls Kendall Laura Ingalls Wilder & Carrie Ingalls