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(The comment below is funny because no volleyball player would have nails this long. -KB).....Volleyball nails perfect for spike out cancer night!

Put a stud on it. ~ Awesome look... But could you imagine... Seriously!?! They sure wouldn't last long! Either the spike(s) -or you nail(s) (depending how strong the glue was)- would rip off, with the 1st thing the spike(s) hooked on! LOL!!!

Studded Nail Designs: 18 Ideas for Rocking 3-D Nails

A line of spikes up a matte black nail. Can you handle it? #nailart #nails

Flowers from nails / these would rust nicely! Dot, couldn't we use the numbered railroad "nails" we got to do this? It would be large, but wouldn't it be a statement???