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I used to be too nice...but thankfully, over the past couple years, I've learned that standing up for myself and refusing to let people use and walk over me isn't my shortcoming, but their problem. Don't mistake my niceness for doormat, lol.

YES!!! This explains why he was so apologetic those times she actually got mad at him. (Christmas and the "I don't count" scene.) That was his way of apologizing.

3Ds of narcissistic abuse at the end. Devalue, discard, destroy. Once they can no longer control you they will control how others see you.

Tried it all. I’ve stood my ground. I’ve put it all out in the open …this time I’m just going to let that bitch implode. I figured it out. I live in her head. All the email and “attempts at insults” I think so little of these “people” nothing they do or

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