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French Toast Casserole

French Toast Casserole - This is more or less a basic bread pudding but with the addition of a crumb topping. Sounds good though! :D

What It’s Like to Be in a Sorority, As Told By Disney Characters

A crocodile steals your son and promises to return him only if you can correctly guess what the crocodile will do with your son. Assuming the croc keeps its word, what would happen if you guessed that he wouldn't return your son?

Names of God JESUS Wall Art Printable ~ Scripture Print ~ Christian Wall Decor ~ Names of Jesus ~ Bible Verse Printable ~ Wall Decor ~CH0026

Jesus Christ ~ Truth ~ The Ancient of Days ~ Alpha and Omega ~ Jehovah ~ Deliverer ~ Great High Priest ~ Good Shepherd ~ Author of Life ~ Righteous One ~ Begging and End ~ Resurrection and Life ~ Advocate ~ Lion of Judah ~ Light of the World ~ Horn of Salvation ~ Emmanuel ~ Lord of lords ~ King of the Jews ~ Bread of Life ~ The Son of Man ~ KING OF KINGS Frame print for a personal and memorable gift! Printable NAMES OF JESUS - Subway Style Wall Art Printable

On Giftedness and Calling {5 Clues to Your Calling} - great post by Edie - do people "call on you" to do something? And, calling involves using your passion and giftedness in service of your neighbor - not yourself

Isaiah 55:10-11 You never know that one word far it might go bring a soul to Christ.