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mydreambuilding: “ ibetriplec: “ If you don’t like your current circumstances, figure out why not and CHANGE IT! This is about more then just an energy drink, vitamin supplement, BMWs and making.

;) well first thing I'd do is pick you up in my strong arms and give you rhe tightest hug and longest kiss.. than we'd chill on a couch and cuddle and listen to some country music.. we'd kiss a lot more and talk and laugh.. BTW you'd be in my shirt and sweatpants and I'd probably either be in sweats and a sleeveless shirt or shirtless lol. Than I'd watch you fall asleep in my arms and kiss your forehead.. okay your turn and it's gotta be long like mine lol

30 Inspirational Quotes You Need To Read Right Now

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you nee for tomorrow. So true

i'm not an option for i am the only choice. if it's not me, then live your life and stop ruining mine.

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The Secret law Of Attraction

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We must all keep going. I know its hard as pain is not a welcome friend but yet we are all attached to it. I don't have flares like 'normal' my pain is constant and never-ending but I MUST keep going.YOU TOO!

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