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Ghosts of St Paul's Cathedral, London: Its best known ghost is the apparition of an elderly clergyman, who is accompanied by a high-pitched, tuneless whistling sound. This phantom is said to haunt All Souls' Chapel, at the cathedral’s west end, on the ground floor of the northwest tower.

St Paul's Cathedral, (Kitchener's Chapel), London: Looking into the chapel you may see the ghost of an old clergyman who has flowing locks of grey hair and is dressed in old-fashioned robes. His doleful, though tuneless whistling will grow steadily louder as he glides across the chapel and melts slowly away into the wall to the right of the gates. Everyone who has seen him has attested to the fact that he always follows the same time worn path and that he always vanishes into the same…

Henry the VIII room at Hampton Court | The ghost of one of Henry VIII's wives, Katherine Howard, is supposed to appear in this area, The Haunted Galary near the Chapel Royal. She escaped her apartments where she was being held captive for crimes of treason, and fled to meet Henry when he emerged from the Chapel, pleading for mercy.

St James Palace, London: The palace is said to be haunted by a valet reputedly murdered by the Duke of Cumberland. The Duke, the fifth son of George III, was an unpopular and ill-mannered man who was found clutching a bloody sword by the body of his valet. The ghost takes on a particularly gruesome appearance with it's throat slit from ear-to-ear, and it has been reported that the smell of fresh blood accompanies this apparition.

The Tower of London Ghosts and Hauntings

For nearly 1000 years people have lived in the Tower of London. Many were tortured and killed there. Things like that leave their mark.

10 Downing Street, London: The entrance lobby is reputedly haunted by a tall, top-hatted gentleman who marches straight through the black door. The Pillared Room is haunted by a well-dressed female known simply as "The Lady". She is said to wear a long and beautiful dress set off by a string of fine pearls. There are tales of people who when walking through the basement have felt but not seen someone take hold of their hand; from the feel of the small hand in theirs this ghost seems to be…

Covent Garden Underground Railway Station, London: It is said to be haunted by the apparition of a tall man wearing white gloves, a top hat and a frock coat and grey suit. The apparition is probably that of William Terriss, who was fatally stabbed outside the Adelphi Theatre.

St Bartholomew's Church, London: Heralded as the most haunted church in London. The Norman church is situated in Smithfield, near to a site where hundreds of people had been executed. Tortured cries have been heard in the church and are thought to be the ghostly cries of a priest who was burnt alive in an iron cage during the reign of Henry VIII. A twelfth century monk called Rahere also haunts the area around his tomb.

St James Garlickhythe, London: In 1855, a mummified male corpse was found in the chancel and was placed on display in a glass coffin. It's reputation as a haunted church began only after the discovery of the corpse, who was known as ‘Jimmy Garlick’. Visitors claimed to have felt a presence in the building and it was theorised that the ghost of the mummified man was unhappy about being put on display. It’s also said that choirboys sometimes carried the mummy around the church in jest!