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Impossibly Easy Lasagna Pie

Get all the flavor of lasagna with three rich cheeses, seasoned beef and tomato sauce baked in an impossibly easy pie.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

KENJI LOPEZ'S BEEF STROGANOFF - "...when done right, is one of those magical dishes that acts and tastes like a stew, but is actually a quick-cooking dish in disguise. With just about 45 minutes in the kitchen, you can make a dish that comes packed with tender meat and rich, deep, rib-sticking flavors that taste like they were cooked all day."

HOMEMADE SAUSAGES (MY DAD'S RECIPE)My dad has been preparing homemade sausages since I can remember. He is a guy who appreciates only homemade food and he's very careful especially when buying meat. We live in a time when antibiotics and hormones are injected in animals and all kinds of chemicals and preservatives are added to the meat and indeed, one should be really aware when buying meat. These sausages are one of the best, everyone that had the privilege to try them...

Make ahead Homemade Sausage patties

Make ahead homemade frozen sausage patties!- Recipe is easy, delicious and will make for a nice protein filled breakfast!