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Steam Beta Update Comes with a New Framerate Counter A Steam Beta update has added a framerate counter to Valve‘s digital PC platform. Third-party programs like FRAPS and MSI Afterburner have been the go-to way to monitor your framerate in PC games for a long time. Now, with the release of an FPS counter built-in to Steam, the most popular ... http://thegamefanatics.com/2015/01/steam-beta-update-comes-new-framerate-counter/ ---- The Game Fanatics is a completely

Graphical program available for Linux and Windows that is used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. This type of program is very useful for playing PC games with no built-in gamepad support. The program has some neat features that go beyond simple button mapping. This program is able to map a sequence of actions to one controller button press; an example use case would be mapping Shift+Tab to a button in order to bring up the Steam overlay interface in a game.

Team Fortress 2 (http://www.teamfortress.com/) is a team-based first-person shooter single or multi-player video game, in which two teams (RED and BLU) battle in a variety of game modes set in different environments or maps, often with a factory-warehouse theme. It is available for various platforms such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

Check out this new trailer for The Solus Project, on its way to early access on Xbox One and PC - http://webtoasts.com/operating-system/check-out-this-new-trailer-for-the-solus-project-on-its-way-to-early-access-on-xbox-one-and-pc/ The Solus Project is an upcoming Xbox One and PC exclusive, launching in February on Steam Early Access and the Xbox One Game Preview program. The Solus Project is a first-person exploration adventure set in a dynamic alien world. Humanity is

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Black The Fall (2016) In January 2014 two artists, with basic programming skills, started working on a noir mobile game prototype. Since then they've added more talent to the team, going full steam ahead with a team of nine people working on Black The Fall. In 2016 the Sand Sailor studio signed a publishing contract with Square Enix. This is the latest demo of this gem that's still in development. #blackthefall #PC #Steam #SquareEnix #YouTube #DaliHDGaming

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