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Inner Sailor Senshi

Love this concept of Sailor Cosmos having the inner senshi still with her in the ultimate fight against Chaos. What should we call the inner senshi with their ultimate forms?

Ultimate Senshi (Cosmos Arc Artbook) by OhtoriArt

Artwork for a inlay of my doujin Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc (Act Cosmos 3 - Haunted), a direct sequel of the Sailor Moon mangas. Find the full artbook&n.

This is my dream as I am a fanclub of Shitennou & Inner Senshi.

This is my dream as I am a fanclub of Shitennou & Inner Senshi.I wanted TOEI to change some scenes in the manga. Scene Neo Queen Serenity used Legendary Silver Crystal power to resurrect Sailor Quartet.


Fuku analysis: Sailor Moon (I will be trying to cover both the anime and manga forms of the fuku at once; only the first form of Sailor Moon has a lot of differences.

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Anime: Sailor Moon Personagens: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter e Sailor Venus.

Sailer Moon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Scouts, Moon Art, Anime Characters, Anime Cosplay, Sailors, Magical Girl, Moon Illustration

KGr5YbPudUf5c7pFZC7SXpuzYwrU6IAmQxW5aBFdQSzFFnF2ikV1vVfPaTPoQYZG (1200×1200)

KGr5YbPudUf5c7pFZC7SXpuzYwrU6IAmQxW5aBFdQSzFFnF2ikV1vVfPaTPoQYZG (1200×1200)