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i'm seeing mah boys in concert the of June i live in one of the very lucky european countries who gets a concert!

Thank you boys so much. This tour was amazing. I love you guys and I'm so proud.

All in all the middle of that It comes down to 1 country 1 show 1 fan 5 boys that are her world you will NEVER know how much it means to me to experience them live.

There have been pins about people giving up and how they have lost hope in meeting them. But I'm not giving up and neither should you. Anything can happen! Even if you're one that gave up please don't leave the fandom just cause you think you might not ever meet them or have a chance with them. But, like I said..anything can happen. <3 #hope

This exactly the things I want to do before I die related), and I hope and pray that these dreams come true

1D facts:) I LOVE the one about Niall taking out his ear piece. And when Niall's mum said that!!!! Hahaha i can TOTALLY imagine it!!! (Yes, Im american, but it didn't feel right using an irish name like Niall and then saying mom right after. You've gotta say mum)

One Direction facts, I knew all of these but every time I see the Fan: Liam I like your hair. Liam: thanks I grew it myself.

The One Direction guys are adored by their fans, except when they've done this, when they've gotten boos from the concert audience. Oops!

One Direction Explain Why Fans Have Booed Them in Concert