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Aww lou bear :(

Aww lou bear :(


One Direction Imagine

I would break up any day to go out with him. Unless I was dating Niall!

Louis imagine :'o

Oh Lou no-one I mean no-one is more sassiar than you

Haha gotta love the sass :)

the picture of Harry just makes me melt even more.

yhen i would just die

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One Direction Imagines OMG look at Niall's face LOL<< cant stop laughing. sweet imagine, but niall like. OOMMMMMMG Look at Hazza's face!

Never let go

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Harry she's ......................... wow!

Harry Imagine that I wish would come true

And the end is not yet done they then came back together after seeing this interview

Louis I can't do this.

Ok ok ok ok call 911 someone was attacked with feels!! MEEEEEE!!!

Daaaang Niall, trust me, you don't gotta worry


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Hahaha. OMG this is perfect because I hate being states at so that's what my friends do to convince me to do stuff.

Niall Imagine u wont have to stare long!