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If Horses made New Years Resolutions! #horses #comic #funny

"I'm pretty sure my guys also resolve to find even more new and exciting ways to maim themselves and subsequently drive me crazy." Bahahaaa, I love her cartoons and her humor.

And if it's a pony you pray to god almighty

When u tell horses what to do. u tell a gelding, ask a stud, discuss with a mare but if it's a pony U PRAY TO GOD ALMIGHTY

Oof!  Didn't quite make it.  :P

Funny pictures about Jon Bon Pony In The Flesh. Oh, and cool pics about Jon Bon Pony In The Flesh. Also, Jon Bon Pony In The Flesh photos.


For fast riders we have fast horses. For slow riders we have slow horses. For those who have never ridden we have horses that have never been ridden. A little ranch humor ;

Clouds on my nails


Cloud nail art-- this is what is on my nails now except I did white background and pink\blue clouds!

drew doggett || discovering the horses of sable island

Knowing no predators other than their harsh living environments, the shipwrecked horses of Sable Island live in this impossible place entirely on their own terms.