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Miley Cyrus Fans Show Sum Luv with Love.Money.Party. Emoji Tattoos http://www.popstartats.com/miley-cyrus-tattoos/fans-love-money-party-emoji-tats/

Getting “Miley Cyrus” tattooed on your chest: | 28 Things That Are Worse Than Talking About Politics On Facebook

Carl McCoid fan aux 21 tatouages miley cyrus Carl McCoid fan aux 21 tatouages Miley Cyrus video tatouage tatoo Miley Cyrus Carl McCoid

Let's get this man in a room with her and lock the key and walk away....kill two birds with one stone!

Wanna see a picture of a guy that will never get laid? He has Miley Cyrus song titles "Obsessed" and "Breakout" on his arms, her signature on his hands, her name across his collar bone and her portrait on his arm!! Seriously dude you need professional help!! Make a scrapbook or something damn!!

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