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I call My Apostolic Warrior Prophets to arise. You are My eagles who have been in the cleft of the rock, and now you are renewed and refreshed. You have new feathers and your beak and your talons are sharp as a razor. I know that you are content to stay in the High Places […]

The Lord is releasing the keys to unlock your calling and destiny. The prophet is like a key that unlocks your calling and pulls out the hidden treasure within you. He calls things into alignment with heaven like a plum line. The journey of life is a discovery of who you are and why you are here.

The man who would truly know God must give time to Him. -A. W. Tozer Rain, ground-soaking, refreshing rain. I walked outside for a...

Miriam Who Sang Victoriously : Women in the Bible Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of Women in the Bible: Beautiful and Brave the series! This week our featured guest is “Miriam Who Sang Victoriously.”Our first peek at the life of Miriam is way before we are given her name! Take a look!

Christian Videos about Body Image and Comparison

Wow! This is not the same old stuff you hear in church about body image. A FRESH and HONEST take on why women struggle with their appearance from a Christ-centered perspective. Totally encouraging a must watch from Compared to Who!


Yahweh Rapha: The God that Heals us. Listen to Godfire's free mp3 of Get Up and Walk at

The Lions will roar! The Eagles will soar! I have equipped you by My Holy Spirit, with My Word, My wisdom and knowledge, for this is the day to activate the Power of Provision. For I am restoring your vision and I am declaring that you shall rise from the depths of discouragement, fatigue, doubt […]