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John felt that it was his duty and honor to serve our country.

Last breath of a soldier. Everyone should remember this and be grateful. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.

No way of saying this any better

The sexiest heroes wear combat boots instead of capes. That's the damn truth!

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Stand behind the troops. God Bless the military men and women and their families! Thank goodness for all my relatives who serve in the armed forces!

Three percent. I had no idea it would be that low.

All modern wars are fabrications for evil God Desires that we stop killing each other, we are all brothers and sisters. God is no respecter of persons as all of the people of the world are His Children.

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this is true everyone is taking our U. military, navy, army, etc. for granted and that's not right! if you would rather meat the most famous football player then an army major then that frickin sad :-/


How to Fold the American Flag - Folding the Flag - How to fold a Flag - i already knew this from my hubby but its good to have a visual :)


The American Flag - Night Shots of the American Flag May the country quickly recover and still be the land of the free and home of the brave. Thank you our military for all you do to give us our rights!

Remember That Some Gave All....

The uniform may have looked different back when our Independence was won, but the fight to remain FREE is same. Remember that some gave all.

let us teach our children to love and respect America and the freedom it stands for

What a precious photograph of patriotism. A small boy, a dog and a red wagon. What is more American than this photograph. God Bless the USA.

4th of July printable by Lula Belle

of July independence day stars stripes let freedom ring AMERICA sweet land of liberty red white blue proud to be an american god bless the USA!