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I think God made the ocean, beach and sandy shores, and golden sun or starlit skies, as a stage for the most beautiful engagements... I think He made flowing long hair and twirly dresses, because spinning around in them make one forget their worries, makes one laugh, get dizzy with fun, so she can fall down in the soft sand and laugh till her tummy hurt - but it's still so very healing.  Get up... Repeat.

Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.

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Baby shark on the beach Halloween Costume. He was just too cute not to pin.

Beautiful Photograph - In the planning stages of a woodland ballerina styled shoot, this just makes me even more excited than I already am!

adorable! I remember my girls being that little in ballet class! Where have the years gone? :(

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dear future daughter, you will subjected to having this photo taken when you start dancing! sorry in advance, but your mom is a dance teacher, she wants this picture!

Amelia Short. The name may be deceiving. She was a 14 year old who "wasn't built right for dance". So, she started skate boarding during the day and secretly training for dance in her free time. No one knew who she really was. And she loved it.

given them credit for it. What a fantastic pic! The photog was able to capture the tom-boy on the right, even the way the leg is shaped, and the feminine dancer on the left with grace and elegance. Fabulous shot and design!

Julgar menos, acolher mais! – Sobre as escolhas da via de nascimento!

Julgar menos, acolher mais! – Sobre as escolhas da via de nascimento!

Could we please have a fun photo shoot girls and recreate this on the beach? Kent Walmer, Summer school students of Miss Margaret Morris rehearse on the beach, 21 Aug 1934

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Remember that your natural state is joy. Wayne Dyer Yes! I remember what joy it was jumping into our old swimming hole. That picture could be me and childhood was pure joy!

You can see the motion in this photo

“ Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints through their entire range of motion, from a flexed to an extended.


Lil ballerinas-so sweet, it was my dream to do ballet but my parents were against it.