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flosvitae.tumblr elixerz: mahadeva temple located in karnataka, india. dedicated to the hindu god shiva, built in 1112 ce by mahadeva.

Iron Pillar of Delhi. Originally part of a Hindu Temple Complex. Produced in 912BC, the pillar is called "a testament to the high skill of ancient Indian blacksmiths" because of its high resistance to corrosion and surviving the weather since 2000 years. It was built during the reign of the Hindu King "Chandragupta Maurya" who founded the Mauryan Empire which stretched to Afghanistan, Southern Iran, including India etc and unified it as what is known as "Greater India"

Agra – A City of Fascinating Attractions - Agra is the most sought after holiday destination in India. This third biggest city in Uttar Pradesh is visited by large chunk of tourists coming from all around the world. Agra exhibits the rich history of the Mughal period and houses some of the best monuments, forts and palaces in the world.