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I found this when I searched up "Sims funny" its really cool!

WOW - I thought I did some nasty stuff . although this could be considered an historical simulation .

Sims 3 logic

Sims 3 logic

Sims logic<<< can we just talk about the one with the Supernatural reference?

Sims logic

Scumbag Sims

Just Sim Things

Funny pictures about Just Sim Things. Oh, and cool pics about Just Sim Things. Also, Just Sim Things photos.

Bah ha ha! ”Sims Safety” can I tell you how many times I've lost Sims to fire because they stand right next to it!?

Sims Safety The biggest pet peeve in my LIFE! Or sims life I guess.

Think I'll just clean the house!

I promise you this is why I had to quit Sims. If only life could be as easy as a push of a "take out trash" button.

The Sims horror movie. HILARIOUS. not gonna lie, I laughed waaay too hard at this

Sims Horror Movie

The Sims horror movie. not gonna lie, I laughed waaay too hard at this. But I'd pay to see this at a movie theater lol

By: Volleyball Beauty♛ ♡ (VolleyballBeaut)

21 Sims Reactions For Everyday Situations

simsgonewrong:  When you become friends with the sidewalk

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The Sims has some information on common toilet problems and possible solutions.

Fire breathing Grandma sim?!?  sims gone wrong | Featured Image for Sims gone wrong

Sims gone wrong