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HAARP Weather manipulation....you can tell it will rain the day after they spray "line clouds" aka chemtrails. You can tell when HAARP is on by looking at the cloud pattern. It pulls them apart and rearranges them into a pattern of poofs. And you may have a headache. HAARP works with all the cell towers too! The global regime is already setup.

I not a conspiracy theorist. They have been looking for non-human ways to wage war for a long time. When state the specific things will absolutely happen with global warming it is a warning of it's own.

Upper Photo Shows Real Clouds; Lower Photo Shows What?  Right . . . Which Clouds Are These??????

If you are still denying chemtrails then you need to LOOK UP and wake up! We the people need to get our government to stop this crap! <--- agree with the person who said this

She Never knew love again until she found roses at her door with a tag that said "I have loved you since the first day I met you,you may be a fallen angel cursed to the dark but I see light in you & it's as bright as the sun......I Loved You From The First Day I Met You.  That's How Strong My Love is! Goodnight. #message

~~Love is in the Air……. ~ pink seascape, Australia by Reedy Photography~~heart cloud

celestial ripples and sailing at sunset. Timing is sometimes everything, ain't it?

Sailing under beautiful Celestial Ripples at Sunset & Clouds

If we don’t stop these malevolent Geoengineering and climate modification programs, we’re dead

End Of Story: Chemtrails Are Not A 'Conspiracy Theory' Anymore!

Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) - Ross Island, Antarctica (by DL. S)

Nacreous cloud shine over Antarctica


Low-information voting sheep.wow, look at the pretty clouds :/

Cloud Seeding Used to Enhance Storms - Weather Modifications Haarp, CERN, & Chemtrails - YouTube

Cloud Seeding Used to Enhance Storms - Weather Modifications Haarp, CERN, & Chemtrails - YouTube

Geochemist Says We Are Being Poisoned By The Aluminum Found In Chemtrails

Aluminum Contamination Implicated in Dementia and Bee Deaths