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Actress Stacey Dash is notorious for having beautiful eyes that change from green to blue. Description from I searched for this on

AKC Siberian Husky Male Puppy Solid Black Blue Eyes Ready Now for Sale in Peebles, Ohio Classified |

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“I think if I was ever a horse, I would probably be a Akhal Teke since I generally look like I’m always mad ” Love these...

20 Easy Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

20 Incredible Makeup Tutorials For Blue Eyes (...mine are green but some look like theyll work ;) #makeup

All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor who lived 10,000 years ago near the Black Sea. What many people DO NOT KNOW is that Europe was colonised by AFRICANS about 10K + years ago. Therefore, the chance of any African child being born with blue eyes has been spread throughout the continent since then as a recessive gene. "...the more you know."