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Where am I? 150,000 flowers planted every year in this Peace Park? #WhereAmI

Saffron is the spice derived from the vivid crimson/orange 3 stigmas of Crocus sativus. At about $1,000 lb, an average pound contains about 50,000 flowers...all harvested by hand.

Polar bears frolic in flowers in Churchill, Man.

Polar Bear in Fireweed Polar bears are classified as a species of special concern in Canada, but a July 2013 report estimated that their global population has grown by more than 4,000 bears since 2011. Photo by Dennis Fast

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The North Dakota Peace Gardens is dedicated to world peace and America’s peaceful border with Canada. The garden has a 2,339 acre span and over 150,000 flowers. The US and Canada have been at peace for about 200 years and still are today. From this picture you can tell that this beautiful garden reflects and represents North Dakota and its beauty.

PHOTOS: Polar Bear Triplets Frolic In Canada

Extremely Soft And Incredibly Cute Polar Bear Triplets Frolic In Canada - photographer Thomas Kokta

The Metis people were angry at the HBC who were selling Rupert's Land without consulting with them. Louis Riel organized bands of Metis to observe and confront surveyors who were laying out square townships. One week later, a Metis National Committee was formed to fight for Metis concerns about their land. Also several Metis seized Fort Garry and its weapons. A list of rights were made as a result, along with a provisional government who held order and negotiated agreements for the…