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Daryl Dixon. Right, @Trynitie Holland ?!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: You can keep Mr Darcy and Christian Grey, I'll take Daryl Dixon any time

He could have whatever he wanted if he offered that! : )

Norman offers to sleep with producers, directors, and writers to get what he wants.

She sat and made conversation with soon to be zombie Milton instead of hurrying up with the plyers.

Got a new wallpaper for my phone :3

Three of my favorite things: Norman Reedus, his cat, Eye in the Dark, and a bow. :) Eye in the Dark looks like my Raven.

zombie . believe me, there are only a couple of you out there that I'd waste my 7.62 rounds on.

A best friend is someone who will gladly go back for you in a zombie infested wasteland. Muir glad to have a best friend like you.

Norman Reedus.

Robert Kirkman Says No to Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Graphic Novel Incarceration - The Eighty Sixth Floor Music

You'll never know when this information will come in handy. I recommend everyone to at least give "THE WALKING DEAD" a chance and watch it. I myself said that I would never watch "THE WALKING DEAD"it wasn't for me but then I change my mind. And now I love it.

So true! I enter a building and criticize everything, only complaining about how this structure will not due in a zombie apocalypse! I will always tell them how good their structure is if it's a good place for the apocalypse.