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When someone gets a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, an aneurysm is often the culprit.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Strokes caused by aneurysm less common

Neurotransmitters Balance Our Brain Chemistry

Find Balance: Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic - Moods are dependent on brain chemistry. Understanding essential neurotransmitters can help understand emotions.

Did you know that cerebral aneurysms strike approximately 5% of the population? These types of aneurysms can cause severe headaches, vision loss, and neck pain. Learn more by checking out this infographic from an emergency room in Plantation.

Understanding Aneurysms Infographic: Are You at Risk? Defining aneurysms, main types, diagnosis, treatment, and risk factors. By Westside Region Medical Center

Left and right side of the brain

Left Brain vs Right Brain Functions Interesting with my one right handed child, and my one left handed child.

Stressed at work? Beware of stroke, body, Health News, AsiaOne YourHealth

Stressed at work? Beware of stroke, Health News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

points of the heart to listen at

Remember Cardiac Landmarks Mousepad

Cardiac Landmarks Mnemonic "All Pigs Eat Too Much" *Aortic-Pulmonary-Erb's Point-Tricuspid-Mitral*