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Millennials are set to make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020. As such, employers are looking to understand the generation and what they want in the workplace. For a deeper look at how this cohort is shaping the office of the future, we spoke with

Your first reaction may be that the distinction boils down to semantics. How often, after all, is the candidate that's best for the job really not also the best for the company?

Top 10 coolest offices in UK - Telegraph Virgin Money's Edinburgh HQ scooped the price for the 'Best Recycled & Refurbished Workplace in Great Britain'. The architectural flair, sustainable and economic construction gives this office Galactic cool ratings.

These grey and lime green high backed sofas provide space for informal meetings and huddles. In the background you can see black swivel chairs and desks for independent working and the doorway to the formal meeting spaces - disguised as residential front doors! No wonder this office design for Splunk was voted the coolest office in the UK by Management Today.

Inspiring Office Design - The World's Best Office Interiors - No. 6 ANZ, Melbourne

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