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Using Documents to Illustrate a Personal or Family History

Imágenes de papel viejo - cartas, pasaportes, tarjetas de calificaciones, etc - pueden agregar interés visual a su historia personal.

A Dozen Unusual Questions to Ask Your Mom

Do you wish you knew more about the woman who gave birth to you? Here are a dozen interview questions that may enlighten you. (Pictured: my pretty mom.)

How to Interview Yourself for a Personal History

No, you're not crazy. Interviewing yourself is a very effective way of gathering material for a life history.

Using Funeral Home Records for Genealogy

Funeral home records are a valuable family research resource providing information about church affiliations, education, military, memberships


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Ten Keys for Telling Your Best Stories

From our keynote speech at the Riverton Family Search Center today: we are talking about ten of the most common obstacles people have when it comes to writing their life stories, and how to get around them! In a nutshell: