"Heroes don't wear capes, they wear dog tags" . thanks to all our military men and women!

Just ordered this:) Looks so sweet in her room! Such a perfect definition of my love for her....and her brother too:)

strength of my LOVE for you Baby Mom to be by CottageSignShoppe


Heros don't wear capes They wear dog tags. so true!

Why the United States flag gets folded the way it does

Why the United States flag gets folded the way it does

Be the hero...

never a damsel in distress

so frustrating!

This is EXACTLY how I feel! RIP Whitney but its BS that the real heros don't get the recognition they deserve.

As much as I love football, I think this is true. And same for teachers, police, fire fighters and EMS

this is true everyone is taking our U. military, navy, army, etc. for granted and that's not right! if you would rather meat the most famous football player then an army major then that frickin sad :-/

I want a guy to tell me this...

Awwww - just too sweet.

My mother would always say this to us when we were very young and now I tell my precious son the same thing.

My mom would read "I love You This Much" to me all the time because we both loved how much the little rabbit loved his mommy. So now I tell my momma that i love her to the moon and back. I have a pillow at home on my bed that says it also.

America needs another Ronald Reagan

I guess America needs another Ronald Reagan

4 weeks was too long..but when you place your lips against mine..time don't matter.

Long Distance Love Quotes : 4 weeks was too long.


I'd like to be as good as my dog thinks I am. To be as rich as my kids think I am and be as beautiful as my mother thinks I am.

standing behind my man

Love and support forever and always!

Home of the Free ...

happy Independence Day!

of July printable.Thankful for all the brave men and women in our military!

Reason why I got into guidance counseling!!!

At my Children's school they hand out the Starfish Award based on this story.Happy to say all three of mine have received it! :) Such a beautiful story.

God bless Sam Adams.

Samuel Adams Quote Poster

May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.