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5 Ways to Control your Tongue in Ramadan and beyond… inshallah. Islam, wisdom, ramadan, modesty, kindness

When the Prophet ﷺ says: "Be patient" remember this advice comes from the one who lost both parents & buried 6 children during his life.

Sawm is one of the five pillars of faith in the Islam religion. It consists of fasting during Ramadan (the ninth month out of the Islamic year) and refraining from food, drink, and sexual contact during daylight hours. It is also a time where Muslims show increased devotion to God and pray.

One of the Pillars of Islam is prayer and this is what will enable you to keep ion having faith in God. According to the Islamic faith, every Muslim from all over the globe needs to practice the prayer rituals every day. They need to pray five times a day during the listed times. The five prayers are different and one needs to know the procedure they will use when they are praying.

When you're going through something hard and you start wondering where Allah is, just remember... The Teacher is always quiet during a test