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I want to be successful in life not a failure. I want to do the things that I REALLY want to do and accomplish them

#And That's Who I Am #Friends

My girl and guy friends. Especially by best friend and boyfriend. That's who I am.

I Can Never Control My Laughter and That's Who I Am

Rainy Day Photography: 35 Dazzling Examples

Behind every successful women is a best friend given her crazy ideas. (I'm the best friend that gives the crazy ideas, that become memories and life long stories)

planes themselves make me giddy with joy!

I love that feeling of looking out a plane window. One of the best feelings:)

Little reasons to smile

When you say them in public and people are just like what the heck are you talking about? And you laugh and feel bad not explaining but you don't want to explain because it's an INSIDE joke! Not and outside joke.

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I get nervous everywhere. I get nervous thinking about things. I get nervous a lot.

and that's who I am

One time, somewhere I heard that if you smile at someone you might make their day just a little better because you never know what that person has been going through. Maybe all they needed was a friendly face and a smile.

...and that's who I am. found on Polyvore

and that's who I am. just cause Im not a girly girl doesnt mean i don't like to shop



Erika: "not the good kind" Carter: " my favorite one direction" McKenzie: "collage professor"  Jayton: "horse picture" Class: "YOLO" Alyssa and Erika:"beats" Coach: "chicken nuggets" Liz and Dalton: "crop" Liz: "staring at you taking off your makeup" Class: "no good two timin back stabbing red headed freak" Dad: "it was the duck" Family: "I need a spoon" Family: " mesothelioma"

I have me bestest friend and my best friend. When my best friend says something, probably random, my bestest friend and I laugh about who knows what-inside joke. My best friend gets frustrated and loved us anyway 😂😄😙

i take stupid pics!.

HATE that my friends take pictures of me and post them on social media. So like if I don't like pictures that's why I am anti-social!I don't even take pictures of them!

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andthatswhoiam - Because I don't want to lose my friends and WHO I AM that is my biggest fear of growing up