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We can't just pick and choose with God... It's either all - all his love, blessings, strength, timing - or nothing.. What do you choose?

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (71)

And don't forget empty gyms so you can work out at your pace and not have to wait for machines lol

Being at peace is the ultimate position of power. #positivitynote #positivity #inspiration

"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he has done for me." (Psalm 103:2; NLT)

The things that excite you are not random, they are connected to your purpose. Follow them.

123 Inspirational Travel Quotes: The Ultimate List

Agents know their local area better than just about anyone else. That makes this advice all the more important for you. Get out, expand, and recharge.

I did this good with a lot of shit, but we all got shit that even though it doesn't bother us or eat at you anymore, still molded you into who you are and how you think....perceive things.....

If your going to create such a powerful verse with such a beautiful picture, please use correct grammar. Forget the risk and take the fall. If IT'S what you want then IT'S worth it all. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking