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MTV // Manhattan Design (Pat Gorman)

remember when you would just wait for your favorite videos.

Fred Seibert dot com (The evolution of a famous logo.)

More here>>> All design by Manhattan Design (Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky, Patti Rogoff), New York City

MTV was introduced during the 1980's, and it advertised different artists' music videos 24 hours a day. This creation was significant because it allowed new singers to become noticed by the world and become popular. In addition, this channel provided elements beyond music such as the latest fashion, cosmetics, cars, and other products. MTV is still a popular channel today.

MTV _ Manhattan Design, Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patti Rogoff

Image - MTV logo.  MTV was introduced on Aug. 1, 1981 #musicvideos #cableTV

MTV logo.png

Remember the countdown to Michael Jackson's Thriller video premiered. I absolutely loved MTV.

Digressions – Seduced by the Kids of America

Mtv, Rolling Stones, Animation, Stamping, Motion Graphics

The 80's MTV logo... remember when MTV was about MUSIC VIDEOS.

The MTV logo. I always wanted to live in town so I could watch MTV all the time.

MTV Logo (Daisy) Sticker

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