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Lydia translates shocking new information about the kanima.  Photo by MTV

Wallpaper and background photos of Lydia & Allison for fans of Allison & Lydia images.

Which Teen Wolf character are you?

Which 'Teen Wolf' Character Are You?

Find out where you fit in with the Beacon Hills gang of supernatural hotties. Talk about irony. Yes I'm bored.

Lei cerca prove sulla sua esistenza con tutta se stessa,nonostante sia Scott che Malia le dicano di non farlo perché "Stiles non è reale"

Teen Wolf sesta stagione - 6X04

Page 2 Read from the story Teen Wolf sesta stagione by -JuliaObrien with 575 reads.

Allison Argent and Lydia Martin 1x03

gifs ** Teen Wolf allison argent lydia martin mine: teen wolf allydia gifs: tv allison x lydia I actually made like 16 gifs and I had to pick 10 life is hard otp: heels and arrows

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