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Electoral Vote Map  I'm pretty sure this is updated daily. Click link called "Next Report" and see what you get!

Electoral Vote - When Arizona, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina are battleground states it is all you need to know about who is the next president.

Idea Maps Photostream, by Jamie Nast  More examples!

Idea Maps Photostream, by Jamie Nast More examples!

Daily Warm Up Questions for US History

Daily Warm Up Questions for US History

One year of amazing Daily WarmUp Questions for US History! Start each day with a beautiful slide with a CCSS focus! A excellent activity to get students engaged and on task from the minute they walk in the room!

No Wonder They Hate Laws: DEMORAT Who Opposed Welfare Fraud Measure Indicted…For Food Stamp Fraud…

Lawmaker Who Opposed Welfare Fraud Program, Now Indicted For Welfare Fraud! An Arizona Democratic lawmaker who once voted against welfare fraud protections in her state.

ირანი შეუდგა შეთანხმების შესრულებას

Unidentified International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors L) and Iranian technicians disconnect the connections between the twin cascades for 20 percent uranium production at nucle.

Which National Parks Do You Want to Get $2 Million?

This month, you have a chance to help choose which national parks, monuments, and more will win funding for preservation.

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Happy Presidents’ Day 2013

FREE Presidents Poster~ From Washington to Obama, great drawings of each president all on one poster! - too bad Nate doesn't teach American history