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Foodista | The 1500 Calories-a-Day Menu [infographic]

The 1500 Calories-a-Day Menu [infographic]

An infographic illustrating a nutritious weekly menu to achieve weight loss. Each day's menu totals to approximately 1500 Kcal and the goal would be t # ways to lose weight in 1 week

Craving this? Eat that! Ill be interested to see if this really works. :)

Taco Hummus and Tortilla Chips

Craving this? Eat that! Ill be interested to see if this really works. :) It all looks perfect. Just one minor correction: Craving coffee-Drink coffee because coffee is bae

A tale of two meals and how to lose weight. #diet, #weightloss


Whats really making you Fat! Tale of two meals, Eggs & Bacon vs A Bagel with Low Fat Cream Cheese. I'm no longer ashamed that I love bacon so much!

This is by far the best site I have found on Paleo lifestyle. Mark is thorough in his research and views and is also entertaining. He presents the information in a very user friendly form that engages the reader. He helps you WANT to live like this.

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Infographic

Great cheat sheet for the very best lifestyle - not just a diet - to maintain or loose weight - even without fulfilling the exercise side of things as fully as planned. Primal Blueprint Challenge Infographic via - Mark's Daily Apple

An important question to ask before eating - am I hungry?

Intuitive Eating - A Hunger to Recover. Would modify this a bit, but generally looks like a good tool for some clients

Prescription nutrition

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Repinned with another pinner's description of "0 calorie foods" - please note…

The 4 Keys to Proper Running Breathing

We usually eat for taste not for low calorie. If we don’t get taste most probably most of the people will stop eating as we don’t like eat something tasteless. But we cannot kept on eating everyday tasty and yummy dishes as it is no low calorie foods

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23 Most Popular Clean Eating Snack Ideas - Even if you are not eating clean for everything, this is a good healthy snack idea list.