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so true~actions speak louder than words

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If you are looking for trust quotes, i have collected some heart touching trust quotes for you. I hope you will like these heart touching trust quotes.


3 rules in relationships: don't lie, don't cheat, don't make promises you can't keep

Tips for Making More Time to Read

I love to read! Goodreads is one of my favorite apps for keeping track of my reading. So in celebration of a ne.

I want a man that......

TEXT: I have a man who loves me without restriction, trusts me without fear, wants me without demand and accepts me for who I am.

There will always be something that's not right about you to a person who's not right for you | Inspirational Quotes

There will always be something that’s not right about you to a person who’s not right for you

I love this quote. This is so you these days. Smiling and laughing as a family. You are a incredible lady and I'm very proud to call you my wife, my best friend, and a awesome mother. Love u Babe

“They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I’m the one who falls in love.

Dave Willis marriage quote fight for each other not against and if you need a wedding minister call me at (310) 882-5039

His 4 Biggest Needs, Her 4 Biggest Needs

Dave Willis marriage quote fight for each other not against and if you need a wedding minister call me at (Divorce Christian)

Bitch | by . Entrer dans le rêve

keep calm and let karma finish it. Karma is doing a fabulous job thus far.

Love you like this, JKH ❤️

“When two people really care about each other, they always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is.SO TRUE!

And then...you'll marry him. The excitement will fade to the comfort of familiarity. You'll both get distracted sometimes, or busy, or frustrated with each other. But the beauty is that, good and bad, your dreams are taking place in the real world. So catch his attention, and give him a kiss. Chances are it will confuse him.

I love Nicolas Sparks. I hope one day this will come true fire real and he will always be faithful, kind, selfless caring, putting family first. Ohhhh a girl can dream right?


The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose. 10 yrs of trust. Gone in seconds

You have to be best friends and lovers with open communication. Honesty, integrity, respectability, trusting each other putting each other 1st after God. Always telling the truth no matter what. No relationship is perfect there is always ups and downs together, you need to be a team and work together and remember you love each other.

And secrets lead to arguments. There is no winning. I don't trust anyone anymore anyway. People lie or they just tell you what you want to hear. My life is simple now. I need simple. Totally agree with this pinner.


Marriage / be with someone who cant stay mad at you, who cant stand not talking to you, who would be scared to lose you.

I love cute little cute quotes

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Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you.