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"I never did listen when the teachers told me to stop moving. It was a completely ridiculous request. Why would I sit down, and learn from the books when I could twirl, and dance across the everglades, and swim in forests of life." - Liv Harris


I'm thinking about silence tonight. Specifically, lack of shouting and outrage and earnestness. So that would be silence online, I think. I'm working on a really interesting story at the


cafeinevitable: “She was drifting, fading from his sight. She was a vision, a shade of beauty that was blurring and vanishing as his breath left his lips… photo: Maria Louceiro ” - cafeinevitable: She was drifting, fading from...

"Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind." (Genesis Today I'm one of them! Flight takes off at and god has seen that I be on it...even if that meant driving to philly to avoid the cancellation in rochester! Thank god! I am blessed