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The deeper you Live, the deeper you know yourself, in Relationship, in Aloneness. Osho, Living Tao, Talk #1

Live and live so totally that you come in contact with yourself the deep you live, the deeper you know yourself, in relationship, in aloneness. OSHO #live #totally #yourself #deep #relationship #aloneness #osho

Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered. — Osho

OSHO - That is the sign of wisdom: freedom from desire. Only fools desire. Wise people live and live joyously, but without desire. Either you can desire or you can live, you can’t do both. If you desire, you postpone living; if you live, who bothers about desiring? Today is enough unto itself.

I teach you rebellion! Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.- Osho

Whenever you have to choose, always choose the unknown, because the known you have already lived.

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