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Tom Mulcair on

We believe in electing more women to parliament. We're proud that 43% of NDP candidates are women. That's more than any other party.

The Conservative Party has been convicted of crimes during the last three election campaigns. The Prime Minister says it won't happen this time round.

Rick Mercer's take on Canada's election. He calls it the "Twitter campaign," because of candidates dropping out due to old, embarassing acts and comments. He wonders about Stephen Harper's willingness to answer questions on the niqab issue but not other "issues of substance," talks about young people voting, why people don't vote, and that he will be ranting every day until October 19.

Elections Canada workers say agency took advantage of them

10 - 15 - click enlarged image to read article - Elections Canada workers are calling on the agency to overhaul its labour standards after describing their working conditions as "awful" and "intolerable" during advance polls in Toronto.

Nietzsche Keen on

Another Conservative campaign poster spoof, appearing on-line the day after this Conservative party supporter threw a tantrum at reporters.

People around the world mourned after images of drown victims Aylan and Galip Kurdi’s bodies were broadcast. At first it was believed it was these boys, their father and mother who had been declined refugee status in Canada; it was actually an uncle whose request was denied. The very short clip of the Prime Minister’s speech on the incident should not be used on its own to judge his government’s actions regarding Syrian refugees.

Why You Should Care About The Canadian Election - An American perspective by The Young Turks, a popular on-line show dealing with politics and current events. It's impressive how cognizant their commentators seem about the ground-swell an NDP victory will create.

Click enlarged image to watch video - Council of Canadians Chairperson Maude Barlow predicts that Stephen Harper will cease to be Prime Minister of Canada following the federal election