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You can't hear it, but Dean is totally humming 'Stairway To Heaven' to himself. Morosely. I cannot help myself. It's a compulsion. I'm not sorry.

No soul-friends for me to lean upon. No soul mate to cheer me up. Sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. That will be the right time for me to sorrowfully go to bed while striving to sleep, so tomorrow I& have a fresh new happy day.

Thank you for the feels....

In "Dead In the Water" Dean admitted out loud that he saw Mary on the ceiling. I figured as much, but that only confirmed it. Pay attention, you guys.

[SET OF GIFS] 5x07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester:

[SET OF GIFS] The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. I love that Jared Padalecki is such a great actor he can even make Sam a great actor.

Sam becoming bigger than Dean  makes Dean aggravated.

Sam becoming bigger than Dean makes Dean aggravated. I am actually way taller than my sister as well and it really annoys her

Yes!! And you know why? Because they actually remembered "Hey Jude"!! It's the song that Dean and Sam's MOM sang to them!

Yes! Because they actually remembered "Hey Jude"! It's the song that Dean and Sam's MOM sang to them!<<<I think the song O' Death by Jen Titsu or someone should be on there! That's Death's entrance song and I love it!

I don't ship Destiel but I can hear Chuck saying these things and it's hilarious

I love this so freaking much ^^ I am pinning this. Because. Is this implying that Chuck. Is god. I can die happy now.

Literally cried just reading this

"Holy shit we forgot Adam" lol. but I still don't get why people are pissed about Adam because I thought it was made pretty clear that his soul wasn't with Michael at the time.

Supernatural fandom takes over again. Supernatural Health | True Funny

The difference between Sam and Dean Winchester. It's on my Supernatural board but it is also so my life.


Fara Winchester on

it’s heartbreaking and cute at the same time when Dean just lights up and smiles while he shows off his EMF meter. I am a high school teacher and the tags on this just broke my heart.